The MoMEMta project#

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MoMEMta is a C++ software package to compute Matrix Element weights. Designed in a modular way, it covers the needs of experimental analysis workflows at the LHC. MoMEMta provides working examples for the most common final states (\(\text{t}\bar{\text{t}}\), WW, …). If you are an expert user, be prepared to feel the freedom of configuring your MEM computation at all levels.

MoMEMta is based on:

  • C++, ROOT, Lua scripting language
  • Cuba (Monte-Carlo integration library)
  • External PDFs (LHAPDF by default)
  • External Matrix Elements (currently provided by our MadGraph C++ exporter plugin)

You will probably want to start with our getting started guide.

Our team#

  • Sébastien Brochet
  • Alessia Saggio
  • Miguel Vidal
  • Sébastien Wertz

Special thanks to Matthias Komm who designed our logo!